The Wurlitzer Electronic Tuner Model ET-6000

Recently I brought this tuner out of my stockroom to start rebuilding it. It was purchased from the Detroit area Wurlitzer company in 1978 when I was employed as an organ technician there. No one knew too much about it back then and even less is known about it today. As I was replacing old caps and tubes, I thought it appropriate to post what info I have in the hope that Internet visitors could help fill in some of the blanks about this vintage piece. If you can shed any history on the Wurlitzer tuner shown here, please click the email link at the bottom of the page to tell me about it. I will post any relevations I receive here in the future.
Don Hicks

Wurlitzer Electronic Tuner ET-6000 / 6012

To have a look at the original schematics (gifs) click:
Power Supply   (120k)
Audio & Sweep   (147k)
Freq dividers   (185k)

I've archived the original schematics of the ET-6000 here  (3 bmp's zipped_353k)

The original 6 page manual of the ET-6000 is here  (6 bmp's zipped_769k)

updated 3/31/06 --- Don Hicks

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